Justin Beiber’s New Era Starts With New Video “HOLY” feat Chance The Rapper

Kanye West, Chance The Rapper, Justin Briber and more are among well known international artists who have declared their faith in God or converted to Christ in these last few years. In Nigeria we have seen artists and celebrities such as Monica Ogah, Deborah Rise and much more who have done the same and are now representing the Kingdom. We are always excited when they share their faith into music or art.

Justin Beiber has released his new single featuring Chance The Rapper, titled “Holy”. The single dropped on Sep 18th. Beiber captions it as “New Era”. It’s a lovely video so check it out

Justin Beiber recently has been sharing his art through clean sounds, lyrics and this new single is one of such, it’s his first single for his new era of life and faith.

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The video tells a story of Beiber losing his job because of the global shutdown and stranded, he finds help and favor from a stranger.

Tell us what you think about the song lyrics, we know you have thoughts. Let us know.


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