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Is Project Fame 2011 winner, Monica Ogah switch to gospel here to stay??

Overview Of: Is Project Fame 2011 winner, Monica Ogah switch to gospel here to stay??

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You may remember Monica Ogah from her project fame stardom and her popular singles such “Body Hug” released just a few years back. She released an album in 2013 with her then contract Ultima Studios as a result of winning project fame. She actively collaborated and worked with major artists and in various song projects in till 2016 and that was when she went silent. Everyone wondered what had happened.

The singer recently resurfaced to the scene this 2019 but now things seem different because she came forth with a song “The Reason” which as it turns out is a gospel song, causing many to wonder and ask “Is she making a switch to gospel music?”

But what do we know about Monica Ogah? Well in case you didn’t know, Monica and Mercy Chinwo grew under the same music mentorship of popular gospel artist Chris Morgan many years ago and she was on Chris’ album project at the time including his popular song “Daily As I Live”. She was 15 years or so at the time. So she was singing gospel music even before going for Project Fame in 2011 which she eventually won and was pulled out or rather found herself drifted out of gospel into non-gospel mainstream music and fame.

Monica was out of gospel after that , she released songs such as “Tomorrow“, “Body Hug” feat. Wizboy and got all the game and attention that comes with it, eventually dropped an album as part of her contract. But a little while after, she went silent and off the grid for reasons not known.

Resurfacing in 2019 now with a gospel song brings up many flags and questions as to why she went silent and why is she back releasing a gospel sound. With artists leaving non-gospel and going into or finding their way back to gospel music, it’s no surprise that Monica may have traced her way back or is trying to return to her first love, Gospel Music. Her single “The Reason” released this year 2019 you can find online.

We here she is working on an album and planning to release another single, we pray its gospel music. Now we hope and pray God has brought her back to her true calling, that Monica Ogah is here to stay.

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