A happy new month of September to all Evaloadites…

Thank God, we all made it into the first Ember month of the year 2019, it’s a great privilege.

We thank God on behalf of all our Families, Friends and well-wishers, May this new month of September be sweet for us all 🙏

The Ember months are widely known to be the months of many Evil happenings as desperate beings are on the verge of doing any shitty stuff just to get money.

People become so desperate and mean, ready to do anything just to have a lit Christmas & New Year celebration 😒

Here’s our prayer for you all this new month 👇

➤ No matter what, you nor any of your Family will witness anything bad.

➤ No matter how cheap Coffin becomes this month, we won’t have any course to buy one.

➤ This month, Goodness & undiluted mercy will locate you. Everything good in this life will come to you in abundance.

➤ Forget what you are currently going through last month, September will make you one of the highly elevated ones this 2019.

➤ Say a Prayer for us – We need am 😄

We want to hear a big amen to all the prayers we dropped above and we look forward to the prayer you have for us too.

Thank you


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