[EP] E’major – “Goose & Gander”

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[EP] E’major – “Goose & Gander”

E’MAJOR’s GOOSE & GANDER depicts exactly what it means: “something for EVERYONE”. It doesn’t matter your age, class, gender, religious and political affiliation etc. If you enjoy music and dancing or just good ole sittin’ back in a relaxed mood and noddin’ your head to the beat, everyone can identify with this incredibly phenomenal EP.

Here is a quick recap of what you can expect:

Track 1: PADI talks about keeping good vibes in spite of the negativities and obstacles, you’re able get back up and dance with your PADIs.

Track 2: WONDER depicts the mind of people when beginning a love relationship as they WONDER “is she for real? is he for real? if I give you my all” Now that I have that love and its real, now you “WONDER “ is she ever going to let me go?” “Can he give me some space?”.

Track 3: MALUGO talks about the adversities of people that define them, whether you are poor or in destitution of any kind, you must always attain your destiny by God in spite of all the negative oppositions, powers and/or lack of people believing in you. Nothing can stop you.

Track 4: DIAMOND speaks of an undying, romantic, and genuine love you share with your partner. Feelings so captivating you put a Diamond ring on it.

Track 5: PAPA – The contributions of fathers are often underrated and/or lost in the conversation as we give the well-deserved praises and accolades to mothers. This track shines the spotlight on some of the things that fathers do and why they are called “Pillars” of the home.

Listen and Enjoy “Goose and Gander” EP below



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