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DOWNLOAD MP3: I fix my eyes on you – Ada ft Sinach

Overview Of: DOWNLOAD MP3: I fix my eyes on you – Ada ft Sinach

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Ada Ehi – Fix My Eyes On You – When two powerhouse gospel music artists come together in one track, you know you will get double the punch or more.

Award winning gospel artist Ada Ehi and gospel music legend Sinach collaborate in this 2020 released single “Fix My Eyes On You“. Following the previous releases of “Settled“, Ada Ehi pulls out yet another hit single with Sinach who also just previously dropped “All Things Are Ready“, a few weeks back.

“Between 3-6am one morning, the Son of God came to them walking on sea. It was a night the wind was contrary so the waves tossed the boat. The disciples cried out in fear when they saw him approaching the boat, they thought it was a ghost!

Jesus said, “It is I, fear not! Peter replied, “Lord if it is really you, command me to come to you on the water” Jesus said, “Come!” Then Peter walked on water. But when he took his eyes of the Master and saw the effects of the winds and became afraid he began to sink… He cried out, “Lord save me” and Jesus extended his hands and caught him. The One Who Walked on water said to him, “Oh you of little faith, Why did you doubt?”– Ada Ehi posted about the single earlier this week.

It’s definitely a song of the season, and in these harsh times and days where people are afraid of diseases, viruses, government and much more, this song encourages and inspires you to look and fix your gaze on the perfecter of our faith.

“Fix My Eyes On You” by Ada Ehi is available on Digital Platforms for Download and Stream.

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